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Enabling Dreams​

     As children, we dream of what we will be when we grow up. The job of our young people is to determine their direction such that they find happiness, fulfillment and add back to society. Often road blocks are placed in front of us that keep us from moving forward.

     We can help. Whether it is smoothing the road or removing roadblocks, having a trusted counselor to hear and understand your dreams and goals, who has the background and experience to help put together plans and assist you to implement, can be the key to achievement.

     With over 25 years experience in business and a Masters in Business 

Administration, our attorney can provide you with well rounded advice that not only ensures your interests are protected legally but are in tune with your business needs.

     Below are some of the ways we can help to enable your dreams:

Business Formation



Limited Liability Corporations

Series LLC's

Business Succession Plans

Contract Review

Alternative Energy Agreements


Ag/Ranching Law

Professional Licensing

In-house Counsel

Association Counsel

Non Profit Formation

Sales and Leases